Sunday, August 17, 2008

Depression in the IT Industry

I was terribly disturbed by the news of the Pune based techie who committed suicide due to work pressure. It is no less important news than the suicides of farmers in India.

Software is all about passion - tickling our brain with new innovative ideas. Its really surprising to know how an worker in this field can ever feel depressed. I think we need to seek the answers for this dilemma from within the organization.

We can easily assume that mostly people with analytical bent of mind come to this IT industry. However, the path to become good IT professionals is full of bumpy rides. I think the first and foremost thing for a software engineer is to seek the answer not only from "How's" point of view, but also from "Why's" point of view. We must encourage the inquisition that a newbie in the industry comes with. We must encourage a software engineer to go beyond the routine work and seek something extra. That extra means different to different people.

Moreover, we must create an environment where a software engineer should feel proud of the organization he works for. Without that emotional bondage its difficult to get the motivation to work on any sorts of innovative work with all our body, mind, soul and even senses directed to it. And its difficult to create such environments without Gurus.

Its all about mind game. I think we should stop thinking that salary and perks are the only factors to be doled out to motivate the people. This way we can create some managers and workers, but not leaders and innovators.

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