Thursday, January 12, 2023

A little ray of Hope at the end of the tunnel - a little progress in the journey of Fluid Simulation...

There is no shortcut to success...

It depends on sheer hard work, burning the midnight oil in front of the computer, and of course, luck and destiny...

On this auspicious day of Swami Vivekananda's birthday, I am reiterating my faith in #karmyog - this is the best way to ward off depression, loneliness, and all sorts of modern-day psychological hazards - the best way to attain #wisdom

Once the purpose of a person's life is attuned to his/her skill and ability - there won't be any looking back for that person.

I remember, one of the reasons for my coming to the software world was the hollowness of my job at the Indian corporate headquarter of a Fortune 25 company (at that time).

I used to say it loud that most of us at the junior level till the high and middle management level are simply busy doing time pass activities all through the day - wasting a lot of company resources by making useless presentations and all sorts of time passing documents just to showcase that we are all playing important roles in the company - whereas the multi-million dollar deal will most probably be done at the golf club and in between the top boss of the telecom service provider and the top boss from the mother organization of the transnational company.

So why waste time there?

Rather it was good to choose a profession where I can enjoy the result of my karma instantly on the monitor of the computer.

In the age when there was no Google, it was a difficult decision for me - however, the risk was worth to be considered.

I remember after I joined the software bandwagon and started understanding the nitty-gritty of Object-Oriented Software, the major hurdle was to decipher what the ## (double hashes) does in C++ (it was part of the boilerplate code of the MFC/VC++ message_map macro) which was automatically produced by the wizard.

And as there was no #Google, I had to wait quite a long before it became clear to me. Later, when I was deciphering the service framework code of the Android, I found similar code and I thanked my inquisitive nature that I was able to showcase in the beginning.

Knowledge is all-powerful and it makes one a really interesting person.

Sunday, January 8, 2023

Starting over a new tech journey...

A new year - a new journey with greater determination and willingness...

There is no shortcut to success - whatsoever way one may try to define SUCCESS...

And the necessary Engineering Maths - the partial differential calculus and all such kinds of stuff please study from the book which I read many years back

Saturday, December 3, 2022

The Future of Computing Science - the Quantum Computing - and right there will be the Vedic World - just as the opposite side of the coin...


The Future of Computing Science is Quantum Computing...

And now the surprise

For the Humans of the UNIVERSE...

The other side of The Coin of Quantum Computing is the Vedic World...

Tuesday, November 8, 2022

Staring over a new journey - a journey into the world of Fluid Simulation...

Exploration of Mantaflow - the heart of a Fluid Simulation software

Hey Human of Universe, today I am again starting over my journey as a Computer Scientist - this time to explore the world of Fluid Simulation.

I created this development environment for studying Mantaflow many months back - now again - I am becoming active as a Computer Scientist - the real me - an engineer - from inside the core.

We have taken two options for Fluid Simulation - one is Mantaflow and the Other is Flip Fluid addon.

The development environment is ready for both.

Here are some of the necessary knowledge sharing about the two

What is the difference between Blender's Mantaflow fluid simulator and the FLIP Fluids addon?

The FLIP Fluids addon and Mantaflow are both FLIP-based simulators. Mantaflow is the new fluid simulation system that was introduced into Blender 2.82. 'FLIP' is the name of a simulation technique that is popular for simulating fluids and is also found in many other professional liquid simulation tools.

Although Mantaflow and the FLIP Fluids addon both use the FLIP simulation technique, they are very different in what features are available, how features were implemented, and how the projects are developed. Mantaflow is a simulation tool for creating both liquid and gaseous/smoke simulation effects. Our FLIP Fluids project focuses strictly on liquid fluid simulation and we put a large development effort into reliability, stability, learning resources, and workflow features to help you create beautiful liquid simulation effects as quickly and as painlessly as possible.

So me and my son - Ridit - an 11 yrs old boy of Bharat - are starting with Mantaflow - will post updates on this new journey - gradually...

Tuesday, October 18, 2022

The Bragging Rights of a Dad - a Guru in the making of a formidable intellectual Khastriya...


An impromptu discussion between a dad- a Guru - and his son - after lunch.

It takes a hell lot of planning, and preparation to create a formidable intellectual Khastriya out of a small boy...




Dedicating my service to the nation

The tree that I am watering and making ready


one day will help a bunch of tired people to rest beneath himself/itself...

I am just playing the role of a squirrel during the RamSetu construction - under the tutelage of Bhagwan but not exactly looking for anything in return from anybody in this #UNIVERSE.

Look at the level of confidence of an 11-years-old kid writing C++ code. It takes a lot of energy and insights to write this kind of stuff. Now I am in the process of making #ridit move beyond the language level - so that he can realize the big picture and understand it as a senior scientist - not just as a programmer stuck with debugging and all sorts of low-level kinds of stuff.

Let's call a spade a spade - the abyss that is called H1B

Watch this video carefully as this guy is explaining many issues of H1B hurdles and why this should never be the right option for a software engineer in Bharat.

There are many sad, pathetic stories of software engineer who goes to the USA on H1B.

Here is a guy giving his understanding of why H1B is not the right choice for a software engineer.

However, there are a hell lot of other problems besides official and legal problems.

In NJ, we have seen some of the software engineers from the USA almost becoming blue in sub-zero temperatures - maybe they were not made aware by their office in #Bharat about how cold would be like in the sub-zero temperature?

Then, the legal hassles that the silly office bearers of the USA-based companies of Bharat put in front of the software engineers - who hardly have any idea about the legal rules of the USA and the admin office bearers know it very well.

They threaten stern legal actions if the software engineers can't comply with whatever demands the offices are making.

Then there are issues of illegal bonds and the legal issues that occur because of that.

So, mostly what happens to a software engineer, who does not have a good backbone of friends and relatives at top USA positions is that instead of studying software and making themselves aware of the latest tech, an engineer spends most of the time learning unnecessary legal issues to protect his own a**hole.

Yes. Doston... Mitron...

This is the reality of H1B.