Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Importance of Google...

The usefulness of Google is not very surprising to many...however, for me its one of the greatest democratizing tools...it has democratized the concept that is called knowledge which was once a well guarded property in the hands of a few...

let me elaborate it a bit...i think whatever little related to technology i have learnt so far, is simply by means of Googling... even these days to remove the programming errors i take the help of mighty Google...to elaborate it more, for example, today i became curious about the way WiFi can be used in the industrial automation domain... so i googled it and got a fair amount of idea which includes ZigBee to Cisco's Wireless Plant Solution...I became curious about whether the data collected by sensors in a plant can be processed via cloud...i am interested in this topic because of its social implication...think about it that if the plant's data can be processed across the continent, then no one will have to do night shift duty... So i googled about that and got some idea about Helios platform from Eurotech... when i want to know if the 802.11n has been officially released, i just google that...when i want to know if there is anything similar or dissimilar between new(noThrow) of C++ and new(ELeave) of Symbian C++, i simply google that...when i want to know about the smart pointers in boost, i just google that...

the google doc or the other tools like picasa and google map have come recently... but i am an ardent fan of Google from its inception because i think its only because of google i did not have to depend on anybody to learn about my technological area...

Thursday, February 18, 2010

My First Experience with Ubuntu QT

I had installed Ubuntu quite sometimes back. I had also installed QT. However, i got my hands dirty in QT programming in the Ubuntu environment for the first time today. Let me share my experience with you.

First i opened the QTCreator from the Applications->Programming menu. Then went to File->New. And followed the steps as shown in the pictures.

After the project is created, i opened the mainwindow.ui and dragged a PushButton to the center of the main window. From the property, i changed the display text of the button as Hello World. its name is changed to HelloWorldBtn.

Then i added a private slot in the mainwindow.h file as follows:

private slots:
void on_HelloWorldBtn_clicked();

It means the signal connection is automatic.

Then i added the following handler function in the mainwindow.cpp file:

void MainWindow::on_HelloWorldBtn_clicked()
QMessageBox::information(this,"Som", "Hello World");

And its done... Of course to compile this code, i had to do #include (QMessageBox) in the mainwindow.cpp file...

i ran the application... And when i clicked the button it showed the messagebox as the following picture...