Thursday, February 18, 2010

My First Experience with Ubuntu QT

I had installed Ubuntu quite sometimes back. I had also installed QT. However, i got my hands dirty in QT programming in the Ubuntu environment for the first time today. Let me share my experience with you.

First i opened the QTCreator from the Applications->Programming menu. Then went to File->New. And followed the steps as shown in the pictures.

After the project is created, i opened the mainwindow.ui and dragged a PushButton to the center of the main window. From the property, i changed the display text of the button as Hello World. its name is changed to HelloWorldBtn.

Then i added a private slot in the mainwindow.h file as follows:

private slots:
void on_HelloWorldBtn_clicked();

It means the signal connection is automatic.

Then i added the following handler function in the mainwindow.cpp file:

void MainWindow::on_HelloWorldBtn_clicked()
QMessageBox::information(this,"Som", "Hello World");

And its done... Of course to compile this code, i had to do #include (QMessageBox) in the mainwindow.cpp file...

i ran the application... And when i clicked the button it showed the messagebox as the following picture...

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