Friday, August 1, 2008

Failure - a boon in disguise

Yesterday I was reading an article about the importance of failure in life. If properly utilized, the knowledge that we gain from failure can propel us to a new life. I have come to know about it from my own software career.

I first tasted failure in the beginning of my software career. Let me share it with you.

I came into the software profession from a telecommunication background without proper knowledge of programming and other software related technologies. However, I was confident that I could make it. With my little knowledge in programming, I was sent to Singapore for an assignment. I was given a task which needed good knowledge of C programming. Hence I was not able to solve the problem as I used to during my student life.

This inability came as a huge shock. My confidence became abysmally low. I was really confused about the relevance of the engineering degree that I had. It, however, acted as a stimuli that I have to learn the necessary software skills.

It was not easy.......especially in those days without the help of internet, google and all other relevant technologies that we take for granted these days.

From that failure, however, I had learned a lesson. The lesson of perseverance. I knew that someday I will be able to achieve the necessary skills required for a software developer.

From that failure onwards I started reading whatever books related to software that I could lay my hands on. I knew my target but the path was still unknown. However, with sheer perseverance, patience and hard work, I was able to achieve my goal.

These days when I decipher different software codes, I say, THANK YOU to that FAILURE.

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