Monday, August 24, 2015

UML Training...

I know , the almighty has been testing me all through my professional life... Now there is a new dilemma that is haunting me everyday. This is should i make all my training materials online for others to access free of cost or not... i believe in free flow of knowledge... hence i have made all my Google play apps open source.... For me, it does not look good to earn money by sharing knowledge... knowledge should be free... that is why i like Google because they have democratized knowledge.... however, i have not picked up any skill other than software to support my family... and not only that i like sharing knowledge with others... hence the dilemma... but i can't stop listening to my heart... hence here goes another training material and its source code... i believe whoever is able to follow it, does not have to come to me... however, who does not follow and can pay a little bit, will surely come to me and make it a win-win situation... the supportive source code can be cloned from

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