Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Patent and Copyright - from my perspective

today during our breakfast my wife asked me a question about the difference between patent and copyright... while answering her queries, i reminded her how the way we create patents of software these days has become an hindrance to innovation... if one is not convinced see this or this... think about the situation had all the basic scientific theories (e.g. newton’s law of motion and gravity, Archimedes's principles, Einstein's theory of relativity, the knowledge of periodic table and in-numerous chemical reactions or the basic ideas of zero and decimals) being patented and copyrighted, where would our scientific exploration have gone so far? from another angle had the Almighty patented air, water, earth, fire or so many of His living creatures on whom we do scientific experimentation, where would our mankind and civilization stand today?or even had we have to pay royalty to the community of cows for their milk or to the community of plants and vegetables for their own products, where would we go for the money?

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