Monday, March 29, 2010

My first experience with OpenCV

OpenCV is an opensource library for computer vision. It is available at

With the help of some of the internet samples, i tried to play around with OpenCV from past two days. And here is one such application. It actually plays an AVI file.

You can find a nice tutorial on OpenCV at

Here is a glimpse of how my application will look like.


Hope it gives some insights to others who are interested in computer vision.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Cubicles in Indian IT companies...

The way we behave in a crowd or in solitude is totally different from the way we behave in a place surrounded by few known people... In the first case we become carefree and tend to break all sorts of barriers... in the second case we restrict ourselves to some extent... in the first case when we break free, we may create something new, do something highly innovative... however its just not possible in the second case....hence i believe to get some Aha-product from our IT companies, we must first break the cubicle culture that exists now and let the developers become care-free...

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Voting in India through mobile phones

Yesterday i saw a digged article in which Sam Pitroda was trying to mention about voting in a democracy through mobile phones. And before going to sleep, i thought of this crazy idea about how it may be implemented... Let me share it with you...

As you know India is going to give a national id card to everyone. I was thinking how about having an ID card which will have an encrypted image on it which will store all sorts of data, be it biological or anything one can imagine... One national team will develop a mobile application which will decrypt the image to extract all the information... The telecom regulatory authority may issue a law that to sell a mobile phone in India, the manufacturer will have to install this application and it will be secured so that no one can uninstall it from the phone.

Now what this application will do... Once we take a shot of that encrypted image on the ID card with the phone camera, the application will decipher all the data stored on it...

So we will have a secured voting website...The person who wants to vote will go to that site which will ask the user to launch that application...Once it is launched the user will simply take a shot of the encrypted image on his ID card... And thats it... The application will feed all the data to the server through a secured connection and the website will take the user to the right constituency... And then he can simply choose his candidate...

As the blog title says its my own world of technology and software, this is my crazy idea...

Let me know what you think about it...

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Training on C++, Android, UML and Design Pattern

I am interested in providing training on subjects like C++, UML, Android, Design Pattern, Java/J2SE etc. Please have a look at my training website


to get an idea.

If you are interested, please email me.