Monday, June 27, 2011

CS != Programming

While teaching the Computer Science students in an engineering college, i had this strange feelings that CS != Programming... The theoretical aspects of computer science which the students usually learn in the engineering college will never help them become proficient programmers... many people would shun this point of view... some times back i interacted with one of my colleagues who insisted that programming is only  small part of computer science world... however i feel that it is the most important part of the computer science... with the wake of Test Driven Development and other Agile processes, when the long quality process is loosing its significance, its only good efficient programming that remains the most significant factor of the software project development... i believe that one can get a CS degree without even  having a computer... but one cannot develop and design software that runs without getting his hands dirty with debugger, breakpoint, issues with memory leaks and so on...

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